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Connecticut HVAC, heating and air conditioning, and plumbing.
Hartford County doors/windows, sewer, electrical lighting contracts.
Litchfield County demolition, boiler repair, construction supplies bids.
Eastern Connecticut Landscaping , Lawn mowing maintenance contracts.
Windham County turf, carpet, flooring repairs, fuel oil and energy.
Middlesex County sanitation, roll-off, container service, trash collection.
New London County Telecom, telephone, voip, cabling, wiring contracts.
Northwest Connecticut elevators, sitework, excavation, concrete supplies bids.
Tolland County security alarms, burglar systems, cctv camera contracts.
Fairfield County fire sprinklers systems, printing, school office supply.
New Haven County food service, snack vending, appliance repair contracting.
Eastern Connecticut sheet music, instruments, pianos, heating oil, school orchestra bids.
Litchfield County kitchen, cafeteria, refrigerator, medical first aid supplies.
Fairfield County copiers machines, faxes, work uniforms, clothing bids.
Hartford County fitness equipment, sports, gymnasium, athletic contracts.
Northwest Connecticut network, software, hardware, wireless communications.
New Haven County security contracting, remote structured data cabling bids.
Connecticut Information systems, server, computer networking contracting.
Middlesex County fiber optic, mobile data system, digital media hardware.
CT Audio & video systems, sound system, A/V, television bidding.
Tolland County printer ink, ribbon, toner cartridges supply contracts.
Windham County closed circuit, card access, digital camera, intercoms.
New London construction roadwork, paving, heavy highway, wastewater bids.
Northwest CT water treatment, sewer chemicals, sludge dewatering contracting.
Sussex County police cars, vehicles, fire truck, loaders, tractors, trailers.
Eastern Connecticut snow plowing, lawn mower, chassis equipment truck bodies
CT auto, hauling, trucking, ambulance, pumper truck contracts.
And More Eastern and Western Connecticut.

Connecticut bids and government contracts

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Go to the "Get Bids" page & download OPEN bids in your industry right now. News Flash:Connecticut bid contracting and CT government bids reporting service plans to improve services even more in the new year., in business since 2000, has been providing Connecticut (CT) government bids and contracts reporting services to a variety of local and national businesses. "BTB Bids clients will see some VERY exciting changes and upgrades in the coming year in regards to the Connecticut government bids and government contracts reports they receive throughout the state of CT," says a company co-CEO, Kyle Yoder.

"Our vow to steadily improve our current CT bids collection technology will enable us to extend our lead over the competition through 2009 and beyond. We have always been the BEST Connecticut government bids reporting company anywhere, and that will NOT change," continued Mr. Yoder. is installing new computer equipment to improve their Connecticut bids collection technology in order to get all of the CT bids that are put out. The newest computer software solutions installed at company headquarters will enable to better search out the Connecticut bids and government contracts available online.

"Hands down, we have a record of being the very BEST Connecticut government bids reporting company. This investment in new CT bids collection technology will enable us to extend our lead over the competition in the forseeable future," says co-CEO Kyle Yoder.

So Many Opportunities in Eastern and Western Connecticut

Right now, there are literally thousands of government bidding and contracting oppportunities going on in the state of Connecticut. A mix of growing cities and beautiful rural areas, government agencies in CT are actively looking for companies to place bids for them.

What Bids Are Available in CT Right Now?

Surprisingly, the hardest part of government bidding in Connecticut is finding out what jobs are available, when, and for which agency. It is literally several full-time jobs just keeping track of all the hundreds of newspapers and websites that need to be checked on a daily basis to keep on top of all the government contracting opportunities open at any given time. South and Connecticut combine to make CT the "bidding capitol" of the country, and getting real-time information about what bid jobs and government contracts arise is very difficult.

BTB Bids Government Contracts Reporting Service

BTB Bids takes great pride in offering the most efficient and most complete government bids reporting service for the state of Connecticut (as well as the rest of our territories). Our full-time data research team uses the latest computer software, technology, and good old-fashioned hard work to assure that we unearth every bidding opportunity for your company. Our customized bid reports arrive like clockwork, and contain only the specific government contracts and bid jobs that you are interested in.

Please contact us to receive a free OPEN CT bid report in your industry right now!

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