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Government Purchasing Departments Leads:

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What states do you cover?
BTB bids collects all the bids, government procurement contracts and RFP's in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts & Florida.

What kinds of procurement contracts and bid jobs do you collect?
We collect government procurement contracts from every purchasing department in every agency throughout the states we cover.
These include Public School bids, local Municipal bids, County contracts, Township procurement, Boroughs, and Authorities (housing, sewer, etc).

Where do you collect the bid notices from?
Bid notices are "public information", therefore, by law, they must be advertised in a local newspaper at least one time. BTB bids collects literally thousands of newspapers every single day. We search the public notices, classified ads, public announcements, and legal notices in order to find every bid advertisement. We also have special state-of-the- art internet software that searches thousands of online newspaper classifieds and government agency websites.

Why not just find the bids myself?
BTB bids spends tens of thousands of dollars every year on data collection expenses. When you factor in the time and cost of the newspapers, the data collection software, and the manpower required to compile all the data, it is simply not cost effective for a business to waste their time and money doing so. BTB has the capability to find the bids an individual company could miss, and offers packages that average less than $8.00 per week for a state.

What are my chances for winning a bid?
Winning a bid depends on many factors. How competitive is your bid proposal? Do you meet all the requirements for the bid? What is your level of experience? Did you meet all the deadlines for the bid? How many bidders are there? Most of our clients get better at winning bids as they fine tune their proposal writing skills. In addition, there are quite a few "special" contracts available exclusively for small business bids(SBE), minority business bids (MBE), woman-owned business bids (WBE), and disadvantaged business bids (DBE).

Will you send me bids I'm not interested in?
We make every effort to personalize and customize your service so that this doesn't happen. Your feedback helps us refine or update areas your business is growing into. This helps us deliver just the bids you're interested in.

Can you customize my bids to stay in certain areas?
Yes, we can break your service down by State and/or County coverage.

Do you lock me in to certain categories when I sign up for the service?
No, As you expand, we grow with you. We can easily add bids and RFP's for additional goods and services at no additional charge.

How do I receive my bid notices?
We can send you your bids through email as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, and/or we can fax you the reports. Reports are sent to you every Monday and Thursday evening.

Please contact us to receive a free OPEN bid report in your industry right now!

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