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New Jersey, Pennsylvania & New York Procurement Reporting
NJ, PA, NY Government Procurement Contracts

Procurement contracts and government bid procurement reporting services:

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BTB Bids strives to collect all of the government procurement contracts, RFP's, and purchasing bids available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York (including NYC), Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland and Florida. These bids are to be distributed quickly and efficiently to Government Bid Contractors and procurement specialists across the United States

about us:

BTB Bids is a rapidly growing bid lead information company. The secret to its phenomenal growth is its desire to place service first. BTB firmly believes that listening to their customers is the key to creating internal programs that add value that can't be found anywhere else. Their Internet initiative is taken with the full knowledge that many potential clients may prefer conventional forms of communication. BTB covers this possibility by offering the same exemplary service regardless of how a business is set up.

BTB's combined years of experience in data collection, bid management, and marketing create an exceptional business climate. However, the key ingredient to the company success has been the hunger and desire to be the best in the industry. To find every local public school bid, library purchasing opportunity, municipal procurement contract, and authority lead that's out there. As they've mentioned many times before, "Our success is your success, so don't hesitate to call with any ideas or suggestions. We're always available to the companies we work for."

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